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Outlaw Rapparee

1) Me spurs are rusted. Me coat is rent.
Me plume is damp with rain.
And the thistle down and the barley beard
is think on me horses mane.
But me rifle's as bright as me sweatheart eye.
Me arm is strong and free.
What care have I for you king or laws?
I'm and outlaw rapparee.

Lift your glass, friend, high with mine,
And give your hand to me.
I'm England's foe. I'm Ireland's friend.
I'm an outlaw rapparee.

2) The mountain cavern is my home
High up in the crystal air.
And the bed of limestone iron ribbed
A nd the brown heath smelling fair.
Let George or William only send
His troops to burn or loot.
We'll meet them off on equal ground
A nd we'll fight them foot to foot.


3) Hunted from out our fathers' home
Pursued by steel and shot.
A bloody warfare we must wage
Or the gibbet be our lot.
Hurrah! This war is welcomed work
The hunted outlaw knows,
He steps into his country's love
O'er the corpses of his foes.