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America's Irish Brigade

As sung by the great Comic Vocalist, TONY PASTOR.
AIR-- "Darling Ould Stick


1) It's a soldier I am, and I'm wearing the green.
With the boys of the army a-fighting I've been.
With me napsack and gun wheresoever I be
Sure it's Union I fight for til Ireland is free.
Oh, then let me be living or dying.
It's a sigh for the old sod I'm sighing,
But the tyrant I'll still be defying
In America's Irish Brigade

2) In the Seven Days' fight, sure I stood at my post,
And each pop of my gun made some Rebel a ghost;
And whenever the word came to charge, by me soul,
I made in some blackguard a bayonet hole!
Oh, by-god, it's meself they were slighting,
For the flag of the free I was fighting,
And the slaughter I made was delighting,
In America's Irish Brigade.

3) When ould Stonewall came down like a thousand of brick
It's meself and the boys drove him back double quick.
For we thought of Bull Run, and our bosoms were full,
And we wished we were running on ould Johnny Bull.
If the boys of ould Ireland would name it,
Sure our freedom we soon would regain it;
It's meself would go in with me bayonet,
In America's Irish Brigade.

4) Sure there's hope for ould Ireland when Irishmen learn
How to handle a gun and a bayonet turn;
And, by this and by that, if we once get the chance,
There'll be rifles in England that don't come from France.
Sure it's friends we have here when we need 'em,
Who, when starving, sent bread for to feed 'em,
And they'll help us to fight for our freedom --
In America's Irish Brigade!